The power of restarting

It's a goal of mine this year to produce more and consume less in all areas of my life. For the past two years I have consumed so much crap information that I need a cleansing. An exorcism of my brain. It's so easy to scroll and scroll and scroll...but it leads nowhere and I go to bed feeling empty. I know that being productive makes me feel better, so I want to do that- be productive in my creative pursuits.

I turn 43 tomorrow and from here on out I'd like to be more consistent in my creative practice. I want to put less space in between my restarts. I'll have great momentum with my studio practice (or diet or exercise routine, etc.) and something derails me. I want to shrink the time it takes for me to restart after getting derailed.

What's great about restarting is that it's a moment to moment choice. I know that I can restart right now again and again. Here are 3 ways I will lessen the time it takes me to get back to work after getting derailed:

  1. I will focus on the practice of art (and writing, etc.) and not the outcome. Too often I see on social media people that are ahead of me and it really bums me out. I know logically it's not great to compare, but I do and it's really damaging. I will focus on my own creative journey and remind myself that the most important thing is to do the work.

  2. I will talk positively to myself about my work. I will keep going even when the process doesn't feel good. I will keep making marks on surfaces and keep writing.

  3. I will consistently take time each week to focus on my work. Creating art for me is non negotiable. It is part of my existence and is as essential as eating food. I know this and it is a priority for my well being.

I know I will get derailed again. But by being proactive and consistent in my practice I will hopefully be able to get back to work faster. Rather than being afraid of the restarts, I'm expecting them. I may even be excited about them.