Hello Internet, it's me Megan

I welcome any excuse to stay home. It's comfy and cozy here and we have an awesome backyard. It's really easy to navigate with two kids. When the pandemic started I truly thought "I am made for this moment". I'm okay with staying away from people for very long periods of time and I like to be home. We can do this. For the most part we have been doing great. But, lately I have felt disoriented.

My days are turning into nights and I'm addicted to my phone. Addicted to scrolling past pictures of people dancing, singing, eating, smiling. It all feels so surreal. My house is feeling smaller and I am craving connection with others. Not the kind of connection about what people are making for dinner or how they are surviving virtual school. No. God no more of that.

I'm craving real connection with writers and artists and creative people. That's why I'm writing on the internet. To find my people.